Acoustic improvement through sound absorption

Acoustic improvement through sound absorption

Sound absorbing materials damp sound reflections in a particular space. By damping sound reflections, the sound level will decrease within a particular space. A well-known sound absorbing material is convoluted foam, but we also offer many possibilities based on our melamine foam or polyester (PET) non-woven materials.

Sound absorbing materials operate by absorbing sound waves in the material itself, where it is converted into a non-measurable quantity of heat. The amount of incoming sound which is absorbed is expressed by the absorption coefficient α. If the absorption coefficient is 1,0 then 100% of the sound will be absorbed by the material, if α is 0,5 this will be 50%. Absorption coefficients depend on the frequency of the sound, the type of material, the thickness and the density of the material.
For acoustical applications, Dajo works closely together with sister company ANR, specialists in noise control.

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