Parts made to measure for construction, industrial and automotive applications


As the number of potential combinations of materials and techniques already demonstrates, the applications of Dajo products are literally endless. What do you want, made out of various synthetic foams, rubber- and felt types, by combining these and then making them self-adhesive, die-cutting, laminating or by having parts injection moulded?

Under Products / materials, you can make your choice from a wide range of our “raw materials”. At Production techniques, you get a clear picture of our processing capabilities. Dajo is not a supplier of unprocessed raw materials but moreover provides added value by supplying your products made to measure and turning it into the specific part you need.

In the menu to the left, you can choose from a number of applications. What are your needs? A well-selected made-to-measure vibration damping part, a self-adhesive gasket, an anti-drumming part for machinery you produce, a special sound-absorbing part from laminated materials, or a whole number of these, combined and packed as a marked set?

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