Method of working

Method of working

dreamstime_s_14325142 Over ons - WerkwijzeOur drive for result is characteristic for Dajo and leads to customer-oriented, tailor-made solutions. Whether this concerns rubbers, synthetics, foam, felt or laminates: Dajo focuses all of its attention on your requirements and thinks along with you in your development process or offers a suitable new design. Through our own CAD department we can rapidly achieve a good end result.

Dajo is much more than just a manufacturer; many clients regard Dajo to be a co-producer and problem solver for the right price.


  • advises about design, material selection, types of glue and processes;
  • designs, using its own CAD software and produces a wide range of client specific products;
  • has modern production equipment at its disposal;
  • supplies through its logistic department, also for Lean Manufacturing and JIT delivery on basis of a blanket order.

Dajo is the supplying partner that unburdens your organisation.

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